Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe – older than Rome and Athens, a contemporary of Troy and Mycenae. The city is built on the 3 collected in one place, the hill – Nebettepe, Taksimtepe and Dzhambaztepe. After the conquest of the city by Philip of Macedonia remains his name Philippopolis, popular in the ancient world. Greek writer Lucian not without reason: “… It is the largest and most beautiful cities. Beauty shines from faraway …” – Lucian / Century II / After inclusion of the Thracian lands in the Roman Empire the town elected administrative center announced in 46 AD.’s. Roman province of Thrace. Because of the unique and beautiful location of the city acropolis on three hills Romans called Trimontsium (ie, the “city of three hills”). Roman period (II-IV c.) Is a kind of “golden age” in the development of the ancient city. Archaeological studies have revealed the remains of ancient public buildings: huge forum impressive stadium, a beautiful amphitheater, massive walls, pagan temples, baths, aqueducts, aristocratic homes. Ancient, medieval and Renaissance monuments coexist in unique ensembles within the historic Three Hills.